Monday, 13 August 2007

Fluoride: An Efficient Rat Poison

Nature provides an edible organic salt which is insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body. This substance, calcium-flouro- phosphate, builds and strengthens our bones and teeth. We all need it, and especially our children because they are constantly growing both tooth and bone. There is no doubt that without this salt the human body would lack strength and tooth decay would be of pandemic proportions.

There is another substance called Sodium Fluoride, a by-product of the aluminium industry, which has been a major pollutant of rivers and streams since 1900. This product is deadly poison, it poisons all animal life that consumes it, even in small quantities it is capable of causing death, and no effective antidote has been found.

The first documented use of sodium fluoride in drinking water was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. There were are told that allegedly the reason for medicating the water supply was to sterilize women and force the inhabitants of these camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G.Farben" by Joseph Borkin)

This same sodium fluoride, which we now drink in the name of fighting tooth decay, has been used as rat poison for nearly 40 years.
"Sodium Fluoride water solutions are the cheapest and most effective rat killers known to chemists: colourless, odourless, tasteless, no remedy, no hope: Instant extermination of rats."....Dr. E.H. Bronner, Mfg.Research Chemist, Los Angeles.) Nephew of Albert Einstein!

We also know that the human body is comprised of 70% water which make it the most beneficial liquid that we can consume. All beverages contain water, however, infusions such as alcohol, tea and coffee also contain strong diuretics which rid the body of water. If we are wise about our water consumption this diuretic effect can be balanced by taking in more water. But what does it mean for our body's when this water that we drink is fluoridated?

Sodium Fluoride cannot be assimilated by the body. It becomes instant poison, because it cannot be eliminated without much extra effort from the kidneys. This means that there is always a build-up in the system. Allegedly kidney patients have died in the same way as rats, because they need to drink a great deal of water to flush out the toxins, a job that their malfunctioning kidneys find impossible. They are consuming a greater quantity of Sodium Fluoride than the average person in a shorter timespan, and some have found the strain on their systems too great.

Far from preserving or promoting 'dental health', fluoridated water destroys teeth, both in children and adults, the destructive mottling and pitting are the first signs of the condition, until complete break down takes place.

We willingly drive a round trip of 80 miles every 2 weeks to collect spring water from a well-known spa town in the U.K. Buying 15 gallons of bottled water would be financially impossible, and we also know that we are putting extra stress on the environment, but compared to our fluoridated tap water, the water that we collect is clear, fresh and sweet, and of course brimming with natural earth energy.

If it is possible for you to collect bacteria free water from a natural source, then I urge you to do it. I have no idea if my intellect is sharper because I don't drink fluoridated tap water, perhaps it is or I wouldn't be inspired to write this article. I do know that sodium fluoride is an ingredient in the drug of choice for depression Prozac, and knowing this fact alone would cause me to examine the truth of this matter.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

A Healing Gospel

Once upon a time there were healers in the land.

When someone, person or animal became ill, the healer would be asked to their bedside or shelter. Energy would be channelled, and sometimes the person or animal would regain their health, and sometimes they would die. Death was mourned, but carried no fear, because it was understood that the loved one would always be with the family in spirit.

Nothing remains the same, and healing began to evolve. No longer was the energy of the source considered enough. There came plant healers, religious healers and scientific healers, and out of these came the Doctor, and the most revered was the Doctor. He promised much, and sometimes the person or animal got well, and sometimes they died. Death was mourned, but by now carried great fear, because it was understood that the loved one had gone, and would never be seen or heard from again.

The Religious leaders in the land saw that this situation was harmful, and re-introduced a concept of heaven. If all the family were good and worshipped the right gods, then they would all meet again in heaven to have a family party. If the people refused to bow down to the right god, then they would be separated, with hell being their final reward. Full of fear, the people chose the right god.

The Religious leaders also put their weight behind the Doctors. They feared to allow the free energy given by the source to be used for healing, because they would be discovered as frauds, and would lose their power. They needed the people to do as they were told, and so they invented a Devil who could also heal. The people who used the energy from source were branded: witches, devil worshippers, charlatans, spiritualists and evil doers. Once more the people were afraid.

The power of Religion waxed strong and the Doctors grew stronger by sheltering in religions arms. They became demi-gods to the people, who shunned taking any responsibility for their own well-being. And although many people died from the powerful drugs administered by the Doctors, the people were so afraid that they accepted what was happening, and even thanked the Doctors for their efforts.

The Doctors started to draw attention to their inadequate treatments by killing many and even becoming the cause of disease within their hospitals, but by now most people were in thrall to the Doctors and so too fearful to find the old ways. Just a few began to think for themselves. The Religious leaders and the Doctors saw this and were very afraid, believing that they needed a strategy to maintain their power.

Their best weapon was fear, and fear could be generated by inventing more serious illness, which would then generate more fear, and so the cycle would continue.

More illness meant inventing more drugs with which to heal the people, but by now Doctors had stopped talking about healing and talked instead of managing disease, cure became a nasty word. The whole world of illness had become so great, giving employment to many and riches to some, so that politicians sought to syphon some power for themselves. Whole economies now depended on the people being ill.

As power begot power, more and more companies evolved to manage the the power of illness. The people were poisoned with chemical laden food and water, ensuring that the Doctors would never be without power and employment. The Religious people harking back to their roots thought to improve their congregations by offering healing prayer for the suffering, omitting to teach the healing from source that everyone has access to. Some people were healed by their prayer and many were not, but just enough were healed to spread the belief that they were doing good.

Out of all this came a few people who cried, "enough!"

"We know that healing can be channelled from the source, and we will use it," and so once more healers walked the earth, and the Religious men, the Doctors and the Politicians were very afraid. So afraid, that they changed their tactics and sought to annex the healers into their midst. This they did by using their old ally, fear. They sought to prove that without passing various tests and examinations, and so displaying letters after their names, the healers would be a danger to the people and needed to be shunned and avoided.

There were many healers who longed for the power that the Doctors, Religious and Politicians wealded, and were happy to write examinations and invent spurious tests to deter the natural healer from healing the people. They sought to demand money so that those who believe in fear can display attractive certificates upon their walls, declaring to the world that they are part of a huge healing monopoly, and to join and take a crumb of power will ensure their acceptance by the hegemony that is medicine.

All the powers of the land rejoiced, it seemed that when Princes of the land joined their ranks and spoke of certificates and examinations to enable the healers to enter the world of the hospital, their cup runneth over.

There once more came upon the land healers who know the real source of power, and those healers are spreading their truth, and once more the powerful are afraid.

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