Saturday, 6 March 2010

Writing Paragraphs

There are people who love to write paragraphs of words, and because they love what they do they do it well. I haven't really enjoyed communicating in that way...I work my thoughts out through poetry and verse, and I believe that I do it well.

Reader Numbers

Watching the reader numbers of this blog has been gratifying, after all this time there are still lovely people reading what I had to say, and I thank you all.

The Best Words in the Best Order

In a few days time I shall be retiring from my full time teaching job, and this will give me the luxury of time. Time to work out the best words in the best order.

The Gift of Poetry

I really only ever wanted to give my poetry to the world, and now I can do that, knowing that I'm doing the best job that I can. You see, writing poetry is my passion, and I want to experiment with the genre, just give it its head and watch in wonderment where it takes me.

A Cordial Invitation

And so this is an invitation to all my loyal readers who might want to follow me into this adventure. My new address is: and I'll be waiting to welcome you.