Tuesday, 26 June 2007

How to unblock 'Writer's Block'

All writers seem to suffer blocks at inconvenient times. You need to sit down and blog, and you can't think of anything remotely interesting to write about. The pressure is on you, because you know that you must write content at least three times a week to keep your audience. Some people work well under pressure, but if you're one of those people who didn't do well in exams, and I'm one of them, you need a strategy. You might get inspiration from reading someone else's work, or you could go and put the kettle on, or you might decide that you're hungry and a sandwich beckons. All these strategies have been known to work, but now every writer can tap into the power of tapping. This is one part of the Emotional Freedom Techniques arsenal that I wouldn't be without. If you are new to tapping meridian points, then please go to my web site and download my free guide to 'Beginner's EFT' "http://www.keystoattainment.net" an easy read that guides you through the places that you need to tap on, and if you still aren't sure there is a video link that you can copy.

I use the Karate Chop point for my set-up statement:
"Even though I can't think of anything to write about now, I love and accept myself", do this three times.
As my reminder statement I use:
"Words won't come."
I tap...Top of the head, corner of eye, outside eye, under eye, under nose, chin and collar bone.
You will then find that something will just 'pop' into your head, and if you don't like what you write, do it again until you do.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Roots of Fathers Day

We had Father's Day in England last Sunday, and I suppose I took it for granted that it was another American tradition, that for commercial reasons, had crossed the pond, and I really didn't want to subscribe to that. I therefore have to admit that when the children were growing up I really begrudged having to spend precious grocery money on cards and presents that my husband either didn't want or need. But now that the children are grown and we are grandparents, I look back and shudder at my cold blooded attitude to what has become a joyous occasion.

The birthplace of Father's Day in America is Fairmont, West Virginia. In 1908, more than 1,000 were newly fatherless, their lives blown apart a few months earlier in nearby Monongah by the worst coal mining disaster in American history. Of the 361 men killed in the blast on Dec. 6, 1907, some 250 were fathers. One daughter created Father's Day to remember and honour these men by a special holiday and we are still honouring our father's a hundred years later, and long may the tradition continue.

From somewhere in her heart our daughter decided to honour her father by visiting, bringing a beautiful card and baking him a wonderful cake, and I bless her for this. My husband's face was a picture that I don't think I will forget in a long time. She treasures the time that she has with her father, and now happily entrusts her daughter's well being to him whenever she can. My own father died at the early age of 58, and I think that she is aware that time is precious, and every kindness that she shows is her way of giving us positive energy. In the best way that we can, we too allow positive energy to flow, we have learned how to love unconditionally. This wasn't an easy lesson to learn as both my husband and I were brought up in homes where criticism was the norm, and so we became highly critical of our own children, but persistent personal work has brought us to a different place.

If there is one lesson that I would teach the world if I could, it would be learn to love unconditionally, do you know, I think that this would solve all the world's problems, and families of love would spread their light, willingly honouring their parents and loving themselves.

If you want to learn how to love unconditionally visit: http://www.keystoattainment.net

Monday, 18 June 2007

J.K.Rowling - Write Me a Hero

You can almost feel the excitement building across the English speaking world. The last instalment of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series of books is due in the bookshops on the 12th July, and I'm just as excited as anyone else. I can't wait to read the last exploits of the young wizard, although I do feel some concern about his formal education. It's all very well being a master of the dark arts, but these days you need to be able to put a sentence together and have a working knowledge of the basics of good nutrition, something that Hogwarts seems to have placed very little importance on.

Why is it that we all love to read or watch magical exploits? Why are we so ready to escape into another world of fantasy exploits, dragon slaying and creating a world where it is safe to live? What's so wrong with this one?

The world is a beautiful place, look around, take stock. Even challenging landscapes such as the Gobi Desert, and arid stretches of Africa have some natural beauty, and frozen mountains tower over the lowlands with magisterial grandeur, tempting those with climbing skills to conquer them and see the world from another perspective. We know that many have lost their lives whilst trying to achieve this feat, but I doubt if they would regret their chosen deaths They died looking for another perspective. And this is what the world of magic gives us, another perspective on life.

Harry Potter takes us away from all the man made squalor that many have to endure, where heavy industry blights the land with chemicals and pollution, into a green and beautiful landscape where your only foe is supernatural. You might encounter a troll or a gigantic spider, a troublesome but loveable gnome, or a giant snake who all require special skills to rid your beautiful country from their unwanted presence. Yes, Harry Potter comes from the same mould as King Arthur, St. George, Superman, Captain Picard and Philip Pullman's Lyra, they are archetypal heroes and we love them. Their prowess is etched into the collective psyche. They give us all hope that one day, because of these wonderful characters, we will wake up in Utopia or Nirvana or wherever you believe that a peaceful beautiful world exists. They do not teach us how to create this world for ourselves, a task that the human race is more than capable of completing, in fact they teach us that they can only achieve their goals because they are special, unlike their ordinary companions who need to rely on them to 'bring them through'.

This is where their message is challenging. We all have their innate powers, we are all magicians and we can all create the world in which we live. It isn't what we've been taught, and it certainly doesn't give us the wild adrenaline rushes that we've become addicted to; it does make for a healthier life.

If you want to know how to create a peaceful life visit my website at: http://www.keystoattainment.net and begin the journey of your lifetime.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Paul Potts- Good Vibrations

Lying on my bed, weary from pounding the streets of London and flicking through the television programmes I stumbled on a talent show. I normally give these things a wide berth, but something about this stocky young man in a crumpled suit with a too short haircut made me pause, and I'm happy that I did. When he opened his mouth to sing, his face changed, he became beautiful, he shone, and I became transfixed.

Nessun Dorma has longed ceased to be one of my favourite operatic pieces, ever since it was done to death by football and constant exposure, but I was surprised to find tears rolling down my face. It wasn't the words, I don't speak Italian anyway, it was the soul of this Welsh man soaring into the realms of spirituality, we were blessed by the glimpse of a higher being, and I can't wait to hear him again because I want to experience the same feelings, and join with the vibration that raises my own vibration, I want to entrain with this man's soul. He probably doesn't know it but he has healing in his voice, and as such is very rare indeed.

Paul Potts has been challenged by illness and pulled through when many have laid down and died, and I admire him for that, but I suspect his enthusiasm for life was fuelled by the belief that he could bring pleasure to millions. That belief in the purpose of his life, that so many of us struggle to find, has proven to be his salvation, and perhaps ours if we are able to learn from his example.

We each have an inbuilt talent, many people have more than one, and many of us don't bother to use them because we don't believe in the healing properties of those talents. Talents allow us to create our own lives as we would choose to live them, we no longer live by reacting to the expectations of others, and because of this we vibrate on much higher frequencies.
Talent brings freedom!

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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Alli - Your Partner in a Pill

Hot news from Big Pharma, a new drug called Alli (pronounced Al-Eye) is launched with great fanfare and much applause. This drug has been approved by the FDA, and may be freely sold without prescription in the U.S.A. The pill will earn its designers millions of dollars through selling the promise of easy weight loss to overweight adults who believe that it is impossible for them to lose their excess pounds in any other way.

Alli, your partner in a pill, is meant to be taken three times a day with fat containing meals, but the fat content is best kept at no more than 15 grams because of the unwanted side effects, referred to as treatment effects in the marketing material. These promise to make your life very miserable, and include: Gas with an oily anal discharge, loose stools or diarrhoea, more frequent bowel movements and hard to control bowel movements. Alli won't even help you to lose great amounts of weight , perhaps just a few pounds more than you would lose with an ordinary diet and exercise programme, and there haven't been that many studies done to substantiate this small weight loss. Most of the weight loss estimates have been based on studies conducted with its prescription strength counterpart Xenical. Studies with this drug showed that just 6lbs. extra could be lost in one year, and then only if a diet and exercise programme was followed at the same time, which means that a meagre 3lbs. extra can be lost by taking Alli.

All this is very frightening, because these are the side effects that are openly disclosed, there will be others that either haven't shown themselves yet, or that we haven't been told about. And this doesn't have to be!

From the medical point of view, there is nothing else that will cure obesity, and just losing weight is the answer, when we know that weight loss alone doesn't begin to address the problem of obesity. Huge weight losses in short periods of time will only result in larger gains over even shorter time spans, putting great strain on the heart and other internal organs. This is the loss and gain cycle experienced by every dieter in the world. It is time to call a halt to this insanity and understand the true cause of weight gain; our emotions. Only when the true causes are addressed, and this is done beautifully by Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), we no longer have the desire to consume huge amounts of comfort food and poisoned junk, learn to eat good food in the right quantity and learn to feel good about ourselves, will all this obesity nonsense become yesterday's news.

For the pharmaceutical companies Emotional Freedom Techniques will never be an option, as they can't be patented, never produce the side effects that require the consumption of more drugs, and can be learned from easily obtained affordable literature. All qualities that the medical establishment abhor, and therefore feel that it is there duty to warn patients against.

It is time for thinking people to take a stand, those extra pounds are not a medical issue. Learn these free techniques and take back the responsibility for your own well-being. I promise you that the side effect will be a healthier bank balance and a happier you.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Wakey Wakey!!

What Will happen In 2012

is a vast amount of information on the web about what is going to happen in the year 2012.

Yes it's the year that the Mayan calender stops, but that really doesn't mean a great deal, just that the Mayan's didn't feel that they needed to go any further with their calculations just before their civilization came to it's end. After all, we don't find any 2008 calenders in the shops right now do we? It doesn't mean that we think that the world will end next year.

What Is Happening To The Earth
I believe that it may be more serious than that, and that we all need to take notice of what is happening to the Earth. Some things are inexplicable by science, but are being measured, plus the many things that can be explained by science and are also measurable.

Shifting Poles
We know that the magnetic poles have shifted at least three times in the life of the Earth that we know about, we know that great tidal waves have devastated great swathes of coastal land, we know that Greenland is melting so that sea levels will rise and we know that the Earth is heating up. All these phenomena have happened before, they will happen, and are happening again.

What Religions Tell Us

From what we are told by the Major religions, we humans need to understand that there will be cataclysms, and that much life will be wiped out, animal as well as human, and we need to be ready to suffer great deprivation caused by volcanic explosions, earthquakes and tidal waves which in turn cause starvation and great suffering.

The Bible certainly spells out in great detail what is going to happen in the seven last years, unless of course you accept Jesus as your Saviour and then you will be raptured, taken up into heaven and live happily ever after, the poor souls that are left will suffer immeasurably. And unless you are someone of great religious faith reading this, that's you and me.

I have never been able to accept the concept of a Christian God as an old man needing to be worshipped, and getting angry and punishing the humans when he wasn't and his commandments weren't kept. This concept reminds me of Roman gods, who were actually capable of jealousy.

Spirit vs. Religion
This doesn't however mean that I haven't any spiritual beliefs, I do hold to the knowledge of spiritual power, a non-judgemental power that holds the blueprint of exactly what we humans are capable of, is always there, and is there for everyone, and we only need to accept that power into our own lives to live a beautiful life.

We Are Not Doomed
I don't believe that I am doomed, I know that I am energy and that it is impossible to destroy energy, and I will exist in some form after the death of my spiritual body. It doesn't mean that I can carry on living in the way that is portrayed in the media though, especially television, which delights in bringing stories of violence, anger, jealousy, hatred and everything in- between into our lives and portraying this as how life is.
Voice In The Wilderness
I am a voice crying in the wilderness when I say, this is not how life is, this is drama, the drama that creates addiction, the drama that causes great shots of adrenaline to pump around the body, the drama that causes bodies to succumb to sickness. It means that I need to change my life in order to live a spiritual one, I need to vibrate on a higher frequency.

Schumann Frequency
The vibration frequency of the Earth is called “Schumann frequency”, named for the scientist who quantified it.

This frequency acts like a coordination signal for life on Earth. In the natural evolution transition that planet Earth is currently living, the vibration frequency is raised from 7.83 Hz (theta) towards 13 Hz (alpha), i.e. towards a greater state of harmony.

The human brain is sensitive to those frequencies and the synchronization of many peoples’ evolution path is also oriented towards a state of emotional and global health, consciousness awakening, peace, unification of humanity-spirituality of our Being nature and a higher state of harmony.
This is what we need to aim for to keep pace with the Earth, or all the doom and gloom stories will be true for us!

DNA Evolution?
At the moment we are functioning using three strands of DNA, a three dimensional life, we need thirteen strands of DNA to move into multi-dimensional space, and it looks like we've got about five years to get there. This is a wake-up call.