Friday, 26 October 2007

The Law of Attraction: The Power of Thought

"For whoever has, to him more will be given and he will be furnished richly, so that he will have abundance but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away."

(Matthew 13:12, Amplified Version)

A Recipe for Disaster

The above quotation from the New Testament used to bug me from time to time. This usually happened when I was reminded, by the media or some pushy charity, that the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. In those days, being naive, I would fall for the same five-card trick and complain to God about the injustice of it. What a recipe for disaster! The gap between the rich and the poor gets wider and God is giving it the green light? There must be more to it than this. Yes, there is.

Right Thinking

When I discovered the Law of Attraction my eyes were opened and I learned the true meaning of the above words spoken by Jesus. And the words are magnificent! It was no longer a case of cracking the Enigma code for the Law made it crystal clear. For whoever has right thinking, to him more will be given and he will have abundance. This is the essential principle of the Law of Attraction. It's all down to the way we think. If our thoughts are positive we send positive thought-wave energy into the ether and the Law returns it to us as a positive and beneficial manifestation. It cannot fail to do so. In addition, continuous, positive thoughts will bring us even more good things. The scripture is being fulfilled. The reward is always forthcoming.

The Principle in Reverse

Sadly, the same Law works, with equal efficiency, in negative -thinking people. Their negative thoughts are returned to them in malignant ways and they suffer hardship and misery. It cannot be otherwise. And as they continue to think negatively so their problems get worse. They are in a downward spiral and once again, the scripture is being fulfilled. It begins with thoughts and thoughts can be changed.


Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Law of Attraction: Job's Real Comforter-

I am reminded by my wife whose blog expertise has reached new heights, that it is not enough to simply post bits of poetry and hope to engage an instant readership. Besides, not everyone appreciates this particular genre, which is a pity because I enjoy writing it. Nevertheless, I shall abide by her advice and offer something more conventional and hopefully, controversial.

In the beginning

Of all the books in the Old Testament, the one which takes pride of place on the podium of pathos has to be the Book of Job. The story of Job is fairly well known. It is a sad account of a wealthy, privileged, though naive man and his family whose fortunes take a severe downturn when God and Satan, between them, arrange for Job's demise. This is when Satan, presumably out of boredom, gatecrashes a private meeting chaired by God, and unbelievably hoodwinks God into handing over Job's fortunes:

"Does Job fear God for nought?" ( Job 1:9 )

The idea is that Job is only a good and godly man because he is so blessed, but turn his fortunes around and he will "curse thee to thy face".

I should say, at this point, that I am writing this on the assumption that you accept that God and Satan exist. I am not making a case either way. If you are a believer, this article will, if nothing else, allow you to think outside the box and look at the whole episode of Job's story in a new light. If you are not a believer, your non-belief may well be justified. At any rate I hope to satisfy everyone's curiosity as to how the Law of Attraction fits into the equation.

Matter and Anti-matter

The most incredible part of this tale is the idea that God and Satan could ever be in the same room at the same time. This must surely be the ultimate in depolarisation of opposites, a coming together of matter and anti-matter which according to science would cause an explosion greater than any supernova. Excuse me? The thought of God and Satan sitting in a celestial, smoked-filled bar with their dry martinis, discussing the fate of Job is too ludicrous for words. And are we also to assume that God is a doddery old man who gives in to the unscrupulous salesman at the door? I think not. If God exists at all, he would have a degree of perception and intuitive skills enough to match his power.

The Law in Operation

The truth is that neither God nor Satan had a hand in Job's problems but Job himself had everything to do with them. His thoughts alone were the real protagonists in his suffering. His thoughts alone were the architects and builders of his misfortunes. His thoughts alone were powerful enough to wreak havoc amongst his family, servants and ultimately himself. It is simply the Law of Attraction at work. Job must surely have considered all he possessed and felt the destructive emotion of guilt and unworthiness. And with these terrible twins came the need for judgment and punishment. This was enough to set the ball rolling. This was sufficient to send a signal into the ether. It was as good as placing an order on the net. The goods could not fail to arrive, and they were devastating. What amazing power Job had! The manifestation of his thoughts were loss of his animals, slaughter of his servants, death of his children by freak weather conditions and an affliction of boils on his own skin.

No change there

What? You think such things don't happen in this day and age? Look around you. Read the papers. Listen to the news on TV. At any hour of the day or night disaster is working its way into someone's life. At any moment in time someone is suffering from aids or cancer or malnutrition or the effects of a hurricane, or a tornado. Whole villages have been wiped out by landslides and tsunamis. I could give a much longer list but I'm hoping that you have understood the point. Things have not changed. The manifestations may be different but the Law is the same.

We all have this power

The truth is, we all have this power and we are using it all the time. But it is our choice as to how it is used. We can go through life thinking negative thoughts. We can complain about the government, the economy, social security, the state of education and there will be plenty of Job's comforters to elaborate on these woes. We can also go through the day telling ourselves that we are unworthy of the good things in life, or that we were born to suffer. What will result from these thoughts should be fairly clear. We have placed our order with the waiter in the restaurant of hell and we shall duly be served with a meal of misery.

The Good News

The good news is - the opposite is equally true. Think positive thoughts and you get positive feedback. Think about good things happening and for you, they will happen. Imagine circumstances turning to your advantage in a job or relationship and you will see amazing results. See yourself in perfect health and that will be your manifestation. You are simply employing the universal Law of Attraction which is perfect. I'm not saying the switch from negative to positive is going to be easy. If you have spent years sending out negative vibrations, you will need to practise sending out positive ones. You can start by learning to love yourself. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say "I love you"? It's an important step but one which will change your life. It changed the life of Louise Hay and it has changed mine and countless others too.

Interestingly, Job's story ends happily, which means he must have changed his thoughts to positive ones. Anyone can do it. You can dig a pit for yourself or you can climb the golden ladder. The choice is yours.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Cruel 'C'

News item: "10 minutes on a cell phone can cause cancer"

Let's call it The Big 'C'
( Don't mention it by name)
And set up a shrine
Every day a feast day

Forget Aquarius
This is the Dawning
Of the Age of Management
'Cure' is a four-letter word

How much longer
Must we persist with
Archaic and barbaric
Chemo-Therapy treatments?

Drowning by numbers
In a sea of ignorance
A lamentable litany
Of pharmaceutical failures