Monday, 30 April 2007

Dust to Dust

As I sat looking at the dust building up on the cabinet in front of me, I felt that this dirt wasn't vibrating at a very high rate, and here I was sitting in the middle of it. What was it doing to my vibrational level? Well, I didn't instantly feel the need to jump up and get a duster to get rid of it, and therefore I believe that it was actually bringing me down. I was entraining or becoming the same vibration as the dust. My thoughts then landed on that old saying that my grandmother was very fond of intoning again and again, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Being around the age of ten years at the time and not believing that my grandmother looked anything like God, I took very little notice, or thought I hadn't, as her words were certainly echoing around my head now. But from a new understanding of 'God', and all the experiences that I've had with vibrational work, I know!! Although she's long dead, I can at last say, "Thanks Grandma", you were right, although you probably didn't understand why. Get rid of the dirt, and immediately your vibration feels lighter, and a good spring clean sets you up for weeks. So why haven't I jumped up to get a duster? It's that old thing head knowledge and heart knowledge again. So in the middle of writing I'm going to stop and tap using the EFT set up phrase: "Even though I don't want to dust this room, I love and accept myself." and the remembering words: "Dust this room." I can truthfully say that I felt a great relief, and I know that I will now be able to do it without thought of what else I might be doing that would be much more fun or lucrative.

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Saturday, 28 April 2007

The tale of the glum waiter

An interesting event occurred when my wife and I stopped at a restaurant recently. It started with the cappuccinos presented to us in dirty cups. When taken to task over this, the waiter, who was already looking suicidal, gave us the kind of look which said, "I'm going to top myself, but I don't mind taking a couple of passengers with me."

He said nothing but removed the offending cups and brought us fresh ones. We enjoyed our meals and later asked if we wanted anything for dessert. My wife, Carol, had an idea. She told the waiter that it was OK to smile. He said that he had nothing to smile about because his mother was dying of cancer and that he had a bad back and other health problems.

He looked tired and in dire need of rest but eventually forced a smile. We empathised with him, paid the bill and went on our way. It came to me that here was an ideal situation for distance healing.

When we got home I made a decision to send the waiter healing using EFT. This meant having to take on his identity and do the setting up and tapping down as though he was doing it himself. The process works on the basis of 'intent' and it is not necessary for the subject to believe in it or even know about it. There is no need either, to 'check up' on progress with this kind of healing. If you 'feel', under the assumed identity, that special glow and an upward surge in vibration, you can guarantee the subject has gained benefit from it. Always remember to switch back to your own identity afterwards. EFT often works when other methods fail.

Thursday, 26 April 2007


The Snooker World Championship is currently happening in the UK and it is breaking our hearts to watch these talented professionals show disgust with themselves at every level. When a pot is missed the player goes down into the slough of despond, and you can see him sitting there re-playing the shot over and over again, and missing it over and over again, not knowing that he is setting himself up to miss again when he comes to the table. This is when we want to yell at the T.V. "It doesn't have to be like this!!" But we're only shouting into thin air. Sometimes if the game is live we are able to use EFT to tap for them and raise their vibration enough to make sure of a few pots, when this happens we can see their spirits' rise and they begin to enjoy the game again. However, all too soon they become mired in their own criticism again and once more begin to fail, proving to themselves that they are indeed the failure that they knew they were. That old ego would rather be right than be lifting the winners cup. These players will not win anything, but can honestly say to the world: "Look how hard I tried", and of course we British love the loser who tries hard.

We want to teach snooker players not to snooker themselves, to learn EFT and be the success that somewhere they dreamed of being.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007


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